Welcome to Buckeye Dobermans.  We are a small breeder, located in Central Ohio. We are dedicated to producing Dobermans that adhere to the Doberman Standard as outlined by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA).  Our dobermans are produced with sound temperments, correct build, and health in mind.  We are active members at our local breed club, Columbus All Breed.  We are also currently applying to become members of the Doberman Pincher club of America.  We fully health test all of our Dobermans before breeding, and we do not endorse or produce white or z-factored Dobermans.   We also adhere to the DPCA code of ethics

We ensure all of our puppies have the best start to life.  This includes premium food, vet checks, shots, testing and socialization.  We ensure all of our Dobermans are socialized through classes, dog parks, dog beaches, stores, and anything else we can expose our dogs too.  By properly socializing our Dobermans, we ensure the temperment of each adult is suitable to produce sound puppies.

Please check our our deposit page for our new deposit policy.

we only have 3 reservation spots left for our 2016 litter.  for more information feel free to contact us anytime!

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update 02-27-2015

We have moving puppies!  All of the little guys are starting to waddle around!  It is so cute watching them find their sea legs.  All of them have started to open their eyes as well.  Pictures will be coming this weekend with weights.  They are all eating very well, and Raven is a wonderful mother. 

update 02-14-2015

Happy Valentine's Day!  We had a wonderful Valentine's Day here at Buckeye Dobermans: Raven gave birth to 10 beautiful healthy puppies!  She had 5 girls and 5 boys, 3 blacks, 3 blues, and 4 reds!  We are so excited about this litter!.  Pictures will be up soon. 

update 01-20-2015

We have a confirmed pregnancy with Raven!  The reproductive vet could not belive the number of puppies in there.  So, there may be more puppies available than on our reservation list.  The vet said all the puppies look healthy.  We were able to see heartbeats which was AWESOME! If you would like to be added to our waiting list for this outstanding litter, please let us know!

 update 01-07-2015

The new year has successfully started, and we are busy here at Buckeye Dobermans.  We have some very, very, very exciting developments happening!  We can't wait for everything to be finalized for us to share them with you!

Gage and Raven both received their CERF's from OFA.  They both had normal eyes! 

Gage and Nike both received their RN titles this past weekend!  We are so proud of both of them.  Pictures with ribbons are coming soon!

Nike is excelling in her agility classes.  If you are looking for your next agility dog, please contact us.  Nike will produce some very amazing puppies when she is old enough.

update 12-19-2015

We have had successful ties between Gage and Raven over this past week.  In about 30 days, we will take Raven in for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.  We are so excited!  

Raven's hips and elbows results came back from OFA‚Ķcheck out her tab to see the results.  All testing results are available for any visitor to view when coming to meet that pack.  Always, if you have any questions, or want to set up a time to visit feel free to email us at contact@ohiodobermanpuppies.com.  

Stay tuned for some exciting developments in the new year. 

update 12-12-2015

The holdiay spirit is in full spring here at Buckeye Dobermans.  Raven, Gage, and Nike visited Santa this past weekend and told them all what they wanted for Christmas.  Pictures will be up soon.

Raven is in full heat!!! We have been seeing the reproductive specialist to closely monitor her levels on when it the right time to breed.  After breeding, we will be doing an ultrasound at 4 weeks to confirm pregnancy.  We are so excited!

Nike finished her agility class this week and is almost done with A.K.C. Star Puppy class.  Her and Gage will be shown the first of weekend of January.  Hopefully some more titles will be coming their way! 

We will be taking a small break from update our site over the holiday season, but feel free to contact us anytime.  Our goal is to get back with you within 24-48 hours. 

Have a very Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year!

update 11-23-2014

We are all waiting eagerly for Raven to come into season! It should happen any week now.  She has always been on her schedule, lol.  She is scheduled to get her hips and elbows evaluated on Monday.  Then her and Gage will have their eyes certified in December.  

We have a very cute story to tell.  We raise Dobermans that have amazing temperaments as well as looks and health.  At the pet store today, Gage made a new friend, a 4 year old little boy.  The little boy came right up to pet Gage, and Gage laid down for him.  We were in the toy aisle, and the little boy started giving Gage tennis balls.  Gage would take them gently from the little boy, then give them right back.  The little boy's dad came looking for his son and saw Gage and his son playing.  The little boy's father started laughing at the site of a 85 lb doberman listening to a little 4 year old boy.  The father is now thinking about getting a Doberman.  We are very proud of the Dobermans we produce here at Buckeye Dobermans.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to get on our waiting list. 



As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page.