Welcome to Buckeye Dobermans.  We are a small breeder, located in Central Ohio. We are dedicated to producing Dobermans that adhere to the Doberman Standard as outlined by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA).  Our dobermans are produced with sound temperments, correct build, and health in mind.  We are active members at our local breed club, Columbus All Breed.  We are also currently applying to become members of the Doberman Pincher club of America.  We fully health test all of our Dobermans before breeding, and we do not endorse or produce white or z-factored Dobermans.   We also adhere to the DPCA code of ethics

We ensure all of our puppies have the best start to life.  This includes premium food, vet checks, shots, testing and socialization.  We ensure all of our Dobermans are socialized through classes, dog parks, dog beaches, stores, and anything else we can expose our dogs too.  By properly socializing our Dobermans, we ensure the temperment of each adult is suitable to produce sound puppies.

we have a reservation spot availabe for our 2015 litter.  this litter will have a great disposition and extremely smart!  These puppies will be perfect for families!!!  if you are interested, please fill out our questionnaire and submit your deposit. 



we are accepting deposits for our 2016 litter as well.  this will be a repeat breeding between gage and raven.  we have received many, many inquiries about this litter.  fill out your questionnaire and deposit early before this reservation list is full as well!

Update 10-4-2014

We received some AMAZING new this past week about Gage and Raven.  Both of them are negative for DM (degenerative myopathy).  No puppies will be affected by this disease.  We take health testing very seriously here at Buckeye Dobermans. 

We also received the results of Raven's color coat tests.  She carries the gene to produce both reds and dilutes.  Our litter in January could have all four colors! 

As promised, here are some pictures of Gage with his ribbons.  He earned 3rd place in his Obedience Trial.  We are so excited for him.  He will be going out again in October with Nike.  So, hopefully we will have some titles. 



Gage had a great showing weekend last week.  He earned a second leg toward his Rally Novice title.  He won 3rd place and one leg toward his Beginner Novice Title in Obedience.  We are so proud!  Pictures with his ribbons are coming soon!  Gage and Nike will be shown in October.  We are hoping for titles on both!  

Our reservation list is currently full for our litter 2015 litter.  We are starting to take reservations for the 2016 litter.  It will be a repeat bredding between Gage and Raven. 

update 9-1-2014

 We have a new blog post up called Dobermans and Dancing Doberman Disease.  Please check it out. 




As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page.