Welcome to Buckeye Dobermans.  We are a small breeder, located in Central Ohio. We are dedicated to producing Dobermans that adhere to the Doberman Standard as outlined by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA).  Our dobermans are produced with sound temperments, correct build, and health in mind.  We are active members of two local training clubs and in the process of joining our local breed club. We fully health test all of our Dobermans , and we do not endorse or produce white or z-factored Dobermans.   We also adhere to the DPCA code of ethics

We ensure all of our puppies have the best start to life.  This includes premium food, vet checks, shots, testing and socialization.  We ensure all of our Dobermans are socialized through classes, dog parks, dog beaches, stores, and anything else we can expose our dogs too.  By properly socializing our Dobermans, we ensure the temperment of each adult is suitable to produce sound puppies.

update 4-26-2015

We have another title winner in the family!!!! Gage earned his BN title this past weekend placing second and first in his last two legs.  We are so proud of our boy!  Pictures will be along shortly.

We have two young females available.  We have a 4 month old black and rust female and a 18 month black and rust female.  Both are very active and would be suited for working homes.  Both come from some fantastic European working lines.  If you are interested in either one of these two girls, please feel free to email us or use the contact us link.  We will not respond to emails that simply ask us about the price, etc.  Please tell us about yourself in your email and we will be more than happy to get back with you. 

Update 04-21-2015

It has been awhile since we updated our page.  We have been super busy with raising this incredible litter.  These precious babies are all going to their new homes this week.  So, it is a bittersweet time for us.  We have invested so much time, love, energy, and anything else we can to ensure these puppies have the absolute best start to life.    These new families are so excited for these additions.  

We are currently taking reservation for our 2016 litter.  If you are interested please visit our puppy questionnaire page.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!  

update 03-09-2015

These little guys are growing so fast!  They just turned 3 weeks old on Saturday.  They went for their first trip outside and started to explore for the first time.  These are some very curious puppies!  Raven was nearby being a very watchful mother.  The weaning process starts next week, and we are sure Raven will love the break.  

We do have one puppy left for sale, so if you are interested feel free to contact us at contact@ohiodobermanpuppies.com. 

Please check our our deposit page for our new deposit policy.

we Have some reservation spots left for our 2016 litter.  for more information feel free to contact us anytime!

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As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page.